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Burchard joins discussion on race and ethnicity

Esteban González Burchard, MD, MPH, a UCSF School of Pharmacy faculty member, explains the differences between race and ethnicity and the promise that greater genetic knowledge holds for addressing disease during a panel discussion on National Public Radio, Science Friday that aired January 15, 2010. Gonzalez Burchard is an expert on the genetics of asthma and differing responses to asthma treatment among racially diverse populations. The panel discussion was hosted by Ira Flatow. Other panelists were Pilar N. Ossorio, associate professor of law and bioethics at the University of Wisconsin; and Alan Goodman, past president of the American Anthropological Association, and co-director of the The Race Project.

Radio Program: Is there a biological basis for race? Running time: 35 minutes

genetic ancestory
The Race Project
Key people: 
Esteban Gonzales Burchard
Ira Flatow
Pilar Ossorio
Alan Goodman

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