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Celebrating Al Burlingame's contributions to mass spectrometry

From the start of his illustrious half-century career in mass spectrometry, Al Burlingame, PhD, has been part of a scientific sea change.

In his first lab at UC Berkeley, complete with a dirt floor and leaky roof, he looked for signs of extraterrestrial life in meteorites. He compares an earlier mass spectrometry technique to “throwing a rock at a mud puddle and looking at the splash.” Nowadays, Burlingame’s laboratory is housed in 21st century digs at UCSF’s Mission Bay campus where he pries apart molecules using electrons, analyzing the most daunting sub-microscopic complexities of health and disease inside human cells.

MoreCelebrating Al Burlingame's contributions to mass spectrometry

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Key people: 
Al Burlingame
Stanley Prusiner
Gerald hart
Ralf Schoepher
Kevan Shokat
James Wells
Klaus Biemann
Melvini Calvin
Jere Goyan
Marc Wilkins
Kangling Zhang

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