The Quantitative Biosciences Consortium (QBC) at UCSF unifies and integrates four PhD graduate programs which includes sharing curriculum, large scale events, and administrative responsibilities.

  1. Biological and Medical Informatics (BMI)

  2. Biophysics (BP)

  3. Chemistry and Chemical Biology (CCB)

  4. Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics (PSPG)

Additionally, many QBC faculty also teach in the Bioengineering (BioE) graduate program. Spanning five graduate programs, QBC faculty are able to teach across multiple disciplines integrating concepts to inspire new ways of thinking.

Pathway, designated emphasis

A curriculum pathway is an area of academic focus within a PhD program that is not noted on either the doctoral diploma or the student transcript.

A designated emphasis is an area of specialization that can exist within one or more graduate programs. Completion of the requirements for both the designated emphasis and the affiliated PhD program will result in the notation of the designated emphasis on the doctoral diploma and the student transcript.

These options add to the academic breadth of QBC.


QBC does not admit graduate students. Visit the websites of the five graduate programs under the QBC umbrella for admissions information. Students admitted to any of these five graduate programs are automatically welcomed as members of QBC.